Nature’s Blueprint

“Original Instructions” for a Thriving Future to be Possible

A four-part course with Miriam Dror


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“For each child that’s born,
A morning star rises and sings to the universe
Who we are.”
– Carol Maillard / Ysaye Barnwell, Composer/Lyricist

Each moment offers the possibility of remembering the way home, our human place of balance and harmony within the vast web of life. Each child born invites us to turn in the direction of a new way, a new world balance, so close and yet seemingly so far… What will it take to remember?

All living beings enter life with a blueprint for unfolding and growing toward maximum becoming and actualization. To do so requires a set of circumstances, a response from the receiving environment that answers these innate instructions. In nature, we can observe the unfolding of a spider, a bird, a fox, or an oak tree according to their design. No external instructions are provided, patterns are inborn and carried forth, generation after generation. Barring any interruption, the young will be delivered into an environment which will provide for optimal growth through all stages of life into fruition and actualization.

Human Actualization is the full becoming of our species’ universal as well as unique individual qualities, living at the core of each one of us. Actualization assures a grounded and open being, prepared to fully meet the world according to the native design of the species, within its ecological niche, in the larger circle of life.

It has been said that the only species that forgets its “original instructions”, as many indigenous cultures name this inborn blueprint, is humankind. We can remember, though, by bringing our humble attention and deepening gratitude to many indigenous cultures on the planet that always have carried and celebrated this knowledge, and still do, at an impossibly high cost to themselves as they continue to hold the medicine bundle of the species, the sacred knowledge of the web of life that must not be sacrificed. We will be helped to remember by witnessing the universal song of beauty that still sings through the clouds of trauma and loss, theirs as well as our own.

For a balanced future to come into existence on Earth, we would be well inspired to follow these instructions as parents, teachers, healers, extended families and extended human communities.

Attaining balance in the ever-growing circles that surround each birth is in our hands. Let’s begin here together!

This is our human journey. We will explore it together, welcoming an openness to our own individual experiencing, inviting participation, stories and questions. Together we learn and with deep compassion, we will remember.

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We Will Explore:

  • The human blueprint
  • The meaning of call and response
  • Indigenous ways of knowing
  • Injury to the design and patterns of defense — body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • The healing journey — heroic journey for all time


Miriam Dror

Miriam Dror, MA, LCMHC, Certified Core Energetic Therapist. For over 50 years Miriam has searched out practices and philosophies of human development, child rearing and education, that nurture children, adolescents, adults, and elders, into their full humanness, informed by both her lifelong study of Indigenous Ways of Knowing and by western therapies that recognize the unity of mind, body, emotions and spirit. In 1999 Miriam set out to work with an Indigenous People still living on their original lands. This brought her to ongoing work and relationship with the Dine’ on their homelands of the Navajo Nation. With deep respect for Indigenous Ways of Knowing Miriam integrated these two streams under the banner of Human Development by Nature’s Design. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, an Educator and Consultant, Miriam has developed and implemented Social Emotional Curriculum for schools, reaching teachers and students from pre-school through the college years. Miriam’s training groups for healing practitioners, parents and the general public, in both the US and abroad, emphasize deep respect for the healing and self-regulating capacities of the human organism. Miriam’s home is in Vermont where she also has a private practice.

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Nature’s Blueprint

“Original Instructions” for a Thriving Future to be Possible

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