October 23–27, 2019

Radiant Intimacy 2019

An Exploration of Relationships, Sexuality and Love

1140 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA

A retreat with Helen Fisher, Terry Real, Celeste Hirschman, Dimitry Yakoushkin, Michaela Boehm, Steve James, Diane Poole Heller, and other teachers, leading scientists, and artists. Facilitated by Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo.

We all long for love. We long to be intimately connected to ourselves and others. For some, a partnership or marriage is the natural outcome of this longing. Others find alternative styles of intimacy more fulfilling. For most of us, love and sexuality can be complex and confusing. We live in a dynamic time of transition with post patriarchy relationships, gender equality, new femininity and masculinity, modern parenting and modern sexual dynamics.

Radiant intimacy is an emerging field of exploration bringing awareness to the topics of relationships, sexuality, and love while drawing from psychology, trauma theory, modern evolutionary biology and science sex research. By bringing together practitioners from a multiplicity of backgrounds and disciplines, we will give you tools to navigate the complexities of modern day relating and expand your experience of intimacy.

Through carefully crafted exercises, keynote lectures, targeted workshops, potent meditations, and performances, you will engage the concept of radiant intimacy, and how to express and integrate it within a spiritual path. You will also explore:

  • Attachment styles and their effects on relationships
  • Shadow elements within a relationship, and how early developmental trauma can impact our capacity for relating
  • How sexuality and sexual energy—an essential life force—can open us to the experience of our true nature and the unity consciousness
  • The evolution and future of human sexuality, love, and relationships
  • Transparent communication skills.

Why Attend?

  • Explore radiant intimacy through the lenses of neuroscience, integral psychotherapy, and attachment theory.
  • Get a taste of expanded aliveness and intimate attunement through a rich selection of workshops, experiential activities, and performances with leading educators, scientists, and artists.
  • Explore ways to break outdated paradigms for relationships and sexuality—create relationships that are more aligned with who you are and with your deepest desires.

None required

Experience Level:
None required

Our home for the retreat will be the 1440  located in the beautiful redwoods near Santa Cruz, CA https://1440.org/

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