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Restoring Resilience & Healthy Sexuality

A two-part course with Ariel Giarretto


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We are born embodied and sensual before parents, culture, religion, peers, intergenerational beliefs and trauma begin to skew our connection to our most essential selves and, consequently, to others. This conditioning undermines our ability to accept our bodies, to identify or keep dependable partners, to surrender to our inherent sensuality and to receive healthy, genuine love when it presents itself.

This  webinar explores how this happens through the lens of the Somatic Experiencing® trauma model. It offers a variety of simple somatic exercises designed to leave old traumas and beliefs behind so that we can welcome new levels of pleasure and connection.

This webinar is appropriate for “people on the path” who seek a deeper and sexier connection to their true selves, as well as for those who struggle to be embodied because trauma has made the body an unsafe and scary place.

Practitioners and therapists who work with sexuality and trauma will find a number of effective tips to support their most body-phobic clients.

This webinar will include a number of somatic, experiential exercises, some journaling, and some imagining.

Download a list of sexuality trauma resources here. 

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  • How SE principles can support people to “come home” to self and body, as well as help resolve sexual trauma and shame
  • How our body responds to memories of shame and abuse, and how to gently recover from these
  • A menu of somatic practices that each participant can adapt to their own comfort level
  • A variety of strategies for improving sexuality and connection
  • The deepening into somatic practices to recognize and repair obstacles to a healthy relationship
  • Why sexuality and desire “die” in long-term relationships, learn what is necessary to renew “the spark” and actually have better sex than ever before


Ariel Giarretto

Ariel Giarretto, LMFT, SEP, CSB is an internationally known body-oriented psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and somatic sex educator. Her passion is to support people of all cultures and ages in how to find ease and pleasure in their bodies, increased intimacy, and freedom from the grip of trauma. She is the co-developer of “The Full Embodiment Model” which offers gentle, transformative workshops for people wanting to heal from the effects of sexuality/gender trauma, sexual abuse and disembodiment.

Trained in a wide variety of somatic therapies, she is primarily informed by Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE), the beautiful, heart-centered work that treats the physiological effects of the trauma, as well as connects people to their deepest, core self. For 16 years she has been on the full-time SE teaching faculty, training and mentoring practitioners all over the globe. Throughout the 90’s she was on staff at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, as an active member of the community, a workshop and group leader, a private therapist and part of the bodywork and massage crew. She has extensive training in prenatal and birth therapy with Ray Castellino, as well as attachment and early developmental trauma, and has been a home birth “doula”, a dancer, a drummer, an athlete, a cook, a world traveler and adventurer, a juggler and performer at the Renaissance Faires and is particularly fond of dogs..and her green cheek conures, Tulip and Blu, and of course her partner Jeffrey. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Restoring Resilience & Healthy Sexuality

A two-part course with Ariel Giarretto

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