Recorded September 17, 2022

The Gift of Catharsis

Holistic Liberation through Movement Meditation & Empowerment

A Community Gathering with Ashira Prem Rachana

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We are born with the beautiful contradiction of being a blank canvas to life while also carrying the foundation of our ancestors. The way we see the world, our capacity to hold and process emotion, and how we are in relationship with ourselves and others is shaped by our experiences, environment and lineage.

While Ashira Prem Rachana was born into a society of conflict and injustice, her journey has taken her from paralyzing emotion to catharsis and healing. As the founder of Catharsis Holistic Healing, a project that fosters trauma healing for Palestinians, she has created a space to build resilience as the trauma of occupation continues. Ashira focuses her healing work within social and political contexts. A gifted healer, she has also worked for years as a journalist and human rights researcher.

We also hear stories from Palestinian children living under occupation and meet Hassan, a young man living in the Al Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem.

Join Ashira and Hassan in a discussion about liberation through movement, meditation, and empowerment. Come home to your own aliveness in a world of numbing, find connection and energize your soul.


Ashira Prem Rachana

Ashira Prem Rachana is a meditation and yoga trainer and healer and is the founder of Catharsis Holistic Healing. She focuses on healing trauma derived from social and political circumstances. Ashira grew up in Palestine where she worked as a journalist and researcher for Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Her personal journey of healing from a physical injury that paralyzed her from the neck down sent her on a self healing journey, where she gained mastery of her body through various healing methods. She mainly combines Kundalini Tantra techniques with active meditation and Sufism to focus on releasing physical and emotional trauma for adults and children. She does this through liberating people’s Kundalini energy and opening the channels of the body using whirling, yoga, and breath work.

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