Recorded March 18, 2018

The Jeweled Path

The Birth and Evolution of the Contemporary Spiritual Path of the Diamond Approach

A Community Gathering with Karen Johnson

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In this conversation with the co­founder of the Ridhwan School Karen Johnson we will discuss her latest book “The Jeweled Path: The Biography of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization”.

We will explore not only how the Diamond Approach Teaching erupted during our times and developed as a spiritual teaching, but also the very human side, the personal experiences of the individuals through whose lives this path emerged and illuminated itself. We will discuss some of the turning points, events and realizations that were radical shifts on the journey that contributed to the deepening understanding and synthesis that is now formally known today as The Diamond Approach to Inner Realization.

The Emergence Series is a constellation of conversations with SAND speakers and teachers, intended as an exploration of the emergence palpable in the collective field at this time and an opportunity to connect with others in our community holding a ‘large vision’ and dedicated to the evolution of consciousness on the planet.

Old structures are being shaken up, old stories have come to their limits, old systems are failing us. What is emerging, where do we go from here, how do we hold it all in the tenderness of the awakening heart? What wisdom do the worlds great lineages and traditions have for us and what does the meeting of science and nonduality contribute to the emergent conversation? How does a mystic respond to a world in crisis?

Through the magic of technology, the Emergence Series is open to the participation of the entire global SAND community, LIVE! There will be opportunities to have personal interaction and ask questions of our guests. Our intention with this online series is to foster conversation, connection and community in between conferences and to offer windows of contact, wisdom and heart.

We invite our teachers to engage us from a perspective of embodied, living wisdom, and offer practical guidance that can support us in our relationships, our work, our community and our world at this time.

The Emergence Series is facilitated by Vera de Chalambert, a fellow SAND speaker, and Zaya Benazzo co-founder of Science and Non Duality.


Karen Johnson

Since 1974 Karen Johnson has participated with Hameed Ali (pen name A.H. Almaas) in the discovery and development of the the Diamond Approach, a contemporary path of Spiritual Realization and the wisdom teachings of what it means to be a Complete human being . She has been teaching the Diamond Approach in the US and Europe for 40 years. She is driven by the original spirit of scientific investigation based on the love for truth, which is the main force behind the practices employed in the Diamond Approach Teachings. The mysterious truth that manifests its wonder, dynamism and beauty into and through the physical and spiritual universe has been a motivating force in her life and continues to propel her into new universes.

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