Trauma as a Path to Embodied Wisdom

A three-part course with Julie Brown Yau


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Resolving trauma can be the basis of embodied knowing, integrated wisdom, and a strong authentic presence. We also find a grounded vibrancy, a feeling of home in the body, and a release of fear so nonduality is revealed.

We explore surrender and detachment as a means of healing, resolution, and freedom. We will also explore beyond trauma, were we return to love, the love from which we never truly left, and the natural embodiment of Shakti.

To do so we look at the often-tumultuous energies of trauma and how to navigate them. We call on the experience of a powerful feminine force, who has the capacity to dissolve ignorance and the duality of our mind.

Each module includes discussion and a meditation or experiential practice.

Recommended reading: The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma, by Julie Brown Yau. Available on amazon.

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  • Look at the dynamics of developmental trauma, learn to recognize the limitations and disconnection that ensues in adulthood
  • Explore the deepest layers of trauma, often hidden below conscious awareness
  • Explore how to integrate every messy and beautiful aspect of our being, even the most frightening
  • Know the return to unfettered love is possible


Julie Brown Yau

Julie Brown Yau, Ph.D. has a 33-year background in psychological, somatic, and spiritual traditions, providing a unique depth of knowledge and experience. Julie specializes in the resolution of developmental trauma, also intergenerational, and acute trauma. She is an author and speaker, with a passion for helping individuals and groups establish well-being that provides positive qualities of agency, a heart-centered capacity for compassion, presence, and their sense of wholeness.

Julie was also the director of education and program development at CCALS for 15 years, currently the trauma and spiritual care consultant. Julie has taught and lectured in hospitals, universities, and the UCI center for Integrative Medicine; she continues to lecture and write on the topics of trauma and spirituality. She is an authorized teacher of Shri Vidya, where she combines the resolution of trauma with specific spiritual practice. Julie has a private practice in Laguna Beach CA.

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Trauma as a Path to Embodied Wisdom

A three-part course with Julie Brown Yau

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