June 28-30, 2019

Vastness of Life

A Kashmiri Tantra Approach

An evening talk and a two-day workshop on Kashmiri Tantra Yoga in Amsterdam.

Evening Talk: Friday June 28, 2019, 19:00–21:00
Weekend workshop: Saturday & Sunday, June 29–30, 2019, 10:00–17:00

Location: Delight Yoga, Prinseneiland Studio,Prinseneiland 20G, Amsterdam.
Phone: +31207373061

We are honored to have Eric Baret offer an evening talk and a two-day workshop on Kashmiri Tantra Yoga in Amsterdam.

The approach offered in this workshop allows us to discover the psycho-physiological restrictions which prevent our body-mind from working harmoniously. These blocks will be approached through spontaneous movements and observation postures (asanas); they will dissolve by returning to the natural flow of energy with the help of constraint-free breath (pranayama).

This letting go of images and resistances allows us to rediscover our original state as transparent-body, a light which points directly to silence. This is about tuning our instrument so that it can vibrate in harmony with the deepest currents of existence, creating a sensory opening, which can express itself without limits.

In these meetings free from dogma, we will introduce various extensions of awakening of subtle energy. Body exercises are only a prelude to dropping into felt silence.

Our structure recovers its sacred aspect through this purification in a free flow of energies, which will reintegrate vertically and express themselves in all aspects of life.

This approach, which finally acknowledges the body as the breath of Being, is part of the non-dual lineage of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism.

Friday evening will be a talk. The sessions on Saturday and Sunday will include asana practice, breathing exercises and lectures. Each day can be booked separately, however we recommend that you join the whole program.

Saturday and Sunday there will be a 90-min lunch break.

      You can purchase Eric’s book Let the Moon Be Free: Conversations on Kashmiri Tantra on Amazon.

*** A Note about wellbeing ***
The practice of this yoga/darshana is not advisable for people with a psychiatric history, or undergoing treatment with psychiatric drugs or therapy. Further deepening into this art could create spaces difficult to manage for individuals already psychologically weak.  The extreme letting go of individual identity of this approach does not fit for those without psychological reference or who already do not adapt well to society.
This isn’t about rejecting anyone, but the most pathological conflicts must be appeased first in order to take up the adventure which the tradition calls to. As long as we need to love or to be loved, to be heard, understood or respected, to use tranquilizers or other pharmaceuticals, these emotional blocks could wake up latent psychoses or stimulate those already present in people for whom the world is confusion, complexity and aggression. Knowing nothing, wanting nothing, being nothing bring solid balance to the non-self, but definite madness to the persona.



Éric Baret

Without either diploma or culture, Éric Baret has no special competence. Touched by the non-dual tradition through Jean Klein’s teaching, he suggests that one turn towards listening, free of any notion of gain. Nothing taught, no teacher. Meetings for the joy of being nothing.

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