Recorded May 24–31, 2020

Wisdom in Times of Crisis

An online journey with 40+ leading visionaries, spiritual teachers, scientists, therapists, and artists.

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An online journey with 40+ leading visionaries, spiritual teachers, scientists, therapists, and artists.

In many spiritual traditions, a crisis is seen as an opportunity to experience more of reality and of ourselves, to live more truthfully, to wake up and see the world with fresh eyes. What is the wisdom that shines through the cracks of this crisis?

At this gathering, we create a safe space together where we can meet beyond right and wrong, challenge old beliefs and step into new ways of being. We reflect and integrate the learning gained through this global crisis and apply the wisdom we hold in our hearts.

In community, we explore:

  • The confusion, disorientation and excitement that this moment stirs up.
  • Teachings and practices for times of crisis from different wisdom traditions
  • Practical tools for recognizing and healing trauma
  • Nourishing relationships in times of uncertainly
  • Meeting and holding grief and loss.

We offer exclusive live talks, interviews, Q&A sessions, integration exercises, music and poetry interludes.

I just wanted let you know what a rich experience last week’s wisdom journey was for me and in particular to thank you both for the warm, open-hearted way you hosted the various talks, and the deep, soulful way you acknowledged all the presenters, and the skill with which you really brought us all together in a palpable community.
For me it was an unqualified feast for the mind and the soul—and a world-class use of internet technology. I’m still absorbing all the profound and timely wisdom shared by the speakers I had the privilege to hear.
I hope at some point I have the pleasure of meeting you two lovely people in person.
With deep gratitude,

—Toby Symington


Bayo Akomolafe
Pat McCabe
Victoria Santos
Dahr Gamail & Stan Rushworth
Michael Meade
Venerable Pannavati
Pouria Montazeri
Stuart Hameroff
Rupert Spira
Sará King & Daniel Siegel
MingTong Gu
Chris Fields & Davor Džalto
Francis Lucille
Merlin Sheldrake
Peter Russell
Rabbi Tirzah
Cynthia Bourgeault
Shakti Caterina Maggi

A.H. Almaas
John Prendergast
Stan Grof
Fred LaMotte
Susan Campbell
Terry Real
Michaela Boehm & Steve James
Celeste & Danielle
Ariel Giarretto
Eric Baret
Sabine Lichtenfels
Maya Luna
Peter Levine
Dr. Gabor Mate
Patricia Vickers
Betsy Polatin
Deepak Chopra
Gail Brenner
Julie Brown Yau

Scott Kiloby
Sea Stars
David Cates
Charles Eisenstein
Francis Weller
Ellen Emmet
Dorothy Hunt
Michelle Cassandra Johnson
Dorothy Hunt
Ben Bushill
Dr. Vandana Shiva
Orland Bishop
Closing Ceremony
Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
Caverly Morgan
Sally Kempton
Keith Salmon

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