A 9-minute journey inside a black hole

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One day we might fall into a black hole. Here’s what we can expect, according to physicist Janna Levin.

Black holes should be thought of as “empty places” rather than “dense objects.” While they are indeed formed from incredibly dense objects (collapsed stars), the black hole itself is nothing. Black holes could have played a crucial role in the emergence of life. Ironically, the Solar System is in orbit around a supermassive black hole located in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. And one day, we might fall into a black hole. If you were out in space exploring and you didn’t realize you were coming upon a black hole, you would not notice that anything terrible was about to happen. Eventually, however, you would succumb to a terrifying fate.

Video from Big Think

#64 AI and the Global Brain

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Trying to wrap our minds, hearts, and bodies around the rapidly evolving field of AI

Decolonizing Science

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We are witnessing a resurgence of indigenous knowledge and growing acknowledgement of its scientific value worldwide

Wholeness & Fragmentation

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The problem with our "civilized" and compartmentalized ways of thinking, which is fragmented.

Assembly Theory

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Bold New 'Theory of Everything' Could Unite Physics And Evolution

The Star Compass: kāpehu whetū

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Indigenous Polynesian technology for navigating using the stars

#55 Cerebrospinal Fluid

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A fascinating lecture on the potential mystical properties of fluid in our bodies

The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

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A video version of our popular Sounds of SAND Podcast episode

A New Kind of Symmetry Shakes Up Physics

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So-called “higher symmetries” are illuminating everything from particle decays to the behavior of complex quantum systems

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