Acceptance of our true nature, ShantiMayi

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ShantiMayi reflects on the importance of accepting our true nature.

For the past three decades, ShantiMayi has cast seeds of actualization into thousands of receptive hearts and minds throughout the world. Her spirituality ripened in the light of a sublime affinity with her Spiritual Master, Shri Hansraj. Though her Master was Hindu and India was the ground of her ’rite of passage’, ShantiMayi is not held within any particular tradition. She eclectically draws upon the quintessence of many traditions and though this is so, she speaks from her own direct experience, relentlessly pointing us back to ourselves. She says of herself, ” I am but a reminder, perhaps … a poetic mirror”.

This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5


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A video from Palestenian music

O Israel

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Retribution is the language of the dead-and the silence, as it receives the language of the dead, becomes a dead ground

I and I: Rastafarian Nonduality and Resistance

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Does language shape people’s worldview?

#89 Arab Jewish Mysticism

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Deep connections in Arab Judaism, mysticismm science and activism

Magic Died When Art and Science Split

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Renée Bergland’s 3 greatest revelations while writing Natural Magic: Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, and the Dawn of Modern Science

One Human Family: Interfaith Solidarity with Palestine

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In this powerful interfaith gathering, renowned spiritual leaders from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist traditions come together to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for freedom, equality, and human dignity.

A Female Cry

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A poem from imprisoned Palestinian poet

Where Olive Trees Weep on Democracy Now!

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Ashira and Gabor talk about their history with Palestine and SAND's new film

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