ALDUNYA, The Goddess

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She, who speaks in climactic seed bursts of inspiration
and steady sunrises the color of commitment.

She, who rises and quakes, orbits and shakes ~
who transmutes entire generations of pain
into strong roots for the rainforests.
whose intentions are vast like ocean, and subtle like desert stream.

She, who incites a (r)evolution in her devotion to all the ecosystems that feed her artistry.

She, who births new life relentlessly.

l i s t e n.

We are dissolving the illusion of separation from that Great Force.

She IS y o u.

» #ALDUNYA, #TheGoddess • now available on all streaming platforms.

Music Written, Composed, Produced, Performed: Reem Abdou / DRĖĖĖMY
Cinematography: Erik Borzi
Editing: Cristo Cola

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