Bala Jumhour Music Session

Maysa Daw and Jebus perform live on the Bala Jumhour.

Born in Haifa, Maysa Daw is very much a product of the city and it’s indie Arabic music scene. The emerging musician talking about her inspirations for her first album, said, “It was a very different world for me. I grew up in Haifa, which is a lot more chill, a lot more relaxed, and suddenly I move to Jaffa and study in Tel Aviv and everything was so intense. Everything was so new. It produced a lot of stuff. Love songs, break-ups songs, political songs. It also produced one of my favourite songs – Crazy. I was so frustrated when I started writing this song. I was thinking of so many things at the time and I just wrote everything down. It’s exactly the way I was feeling – the things that I was asking myself. It talks about religion, it talks about death, and it talks about politics. It talks about a lot of things.”

Maysa will be part of the conversation, “Music for Filasṭīn”, as part of SAND’s 21-Day World People’s Premiere for the new film Where Olive Trees Weep.

From Live Jerusalem

Video cover photo by Fadi Dahabreh

Shrapnel Looking For Laughter

Poem by


Video with

A video from Palestenian music

Magic Died When Art and Science Split

Article by

Renée Bergland’s 3 greatest revelations while writing Natural Magic: Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, and the Dawn of Modern Science

A Female Cry

Poem by

A poem from imprisoned Palestinian poet


Poem by

Last night I dreamed / ten thousand grandmothers / from the twelve hundred corners of /the earth walked out into the gap

The Furnace of the Beloved

Poem by

It emerges from the Womb with you

Catching My Breath

Poem by

luminous work woven with yellow threads of sunshine and impermanence


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"Whose voice calls me from the furthest reaches of the universe?"

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