Bernardo Kastrup: Idealism Reloaded: The End of the Perception-Imagination Duality

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It’s curious how we seem to differentiate our mental categories: We assume that perceptions (what we see, hear, smell, touch, or taste) come from ‘outside,’ while thoughts, affections, and imagination unfold ‘inside.’ Yet, they are all phenomena of mind, witnessed in consciousness in exactly the same way. Why, then, do we make the categorical split?

There are two reasons for it: Firstly, the existence of a world outside of mind seems necessary to explain the fact that we all seem to share a common reality. Secondly, while we feel that we have some degree of control over our thoughts, emotions, and imagination, the world we perceive with our sense organs seems entirely autonomous. To explain both of these observations we postulate the existence of a whole abstract universe of particles and fields, fundamentally independent of subjective experience, which supposedly leaves a consistent imprint on our sense organs. Moreover, we go on to postulate that it is the abstract particles and fields in this strongly objective universe that, somehow, give rise to the concreteness of subjective experience itself.

#94 One Human Family

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In this episode we present excerpts from the recent conversation (June 2024) as part of SAND’s “Conversations on Palestine” around the premiere of the film Where Olive Trees Weep hosted by the directors of the film and co-founders of SAND, Zaya and

Like The Little Stream

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Intimate Relationship as a Spiritual Crucible

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Living with someone we love, with all the joys and challenges, is one of the best ways

Small Island Nations & Climate Change Models

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An international team of climate change experts says global models which are used to help nations prepare for the impact of climate change are overlooking small island nations

#93 Feminine Resistance in Palestine

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Palestinian women's sumud (steadfast perseverance) against the violence of occupation, patriarchy and dehumanization

Trauma and Awakening for Highly Sensitive People

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There are still several unanswered questions surrounding the relationship between trauma and Highly Sensitive People

Black-Palestinian Solidarity

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Black activists and scholars come together to shed light on the intersection anti-Black racism, Israeli apartheid, patriarchal oppression and predatory capitalism's interconnected plunder

A Wave-Particle Certainty Principle

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The sun rises in merciless contemplation / Silvering a still-sleeping Mediterranean Sea

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