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Deepak Chopra and Guests: Is This (Really) an Apple?

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This paradigm-pushing debate from SAND 17 explores the fundamental nature of reality with a key discussion between four scientists who have made it their life work. It begins with a remarkable dialogue between Deepak Chopra and cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman, and broadens when psychologist Riccardo Manzotti joins them, apple in hand! They in turn are joined by quantum physicist, Jenny Nielsen, with an explanation of nonlocality. Deepak’s skill as mediator brings the debate’s complex issues within reach of the audience, and places this video among the very few that are making cutting edge issues of science and consciousness accessible to all.

Quantum physics reveals the unity of the universe

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Quantum physics revives the ancient idea of universal oneness that Christianity unjustly excluded from our culture

#81 Ecology of Care

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Exploring the vital intersection of healing arts and indigeneity with Egyptian international interdisciplinary sound artist

Rabbi Cat’s musings on Parsha Tazria

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As I think about what is happening today in Israel and Palestine, I think about the challenges we all face when we are confronted with stories different from those with which we were raised and that held a lot of meaning for us

Flower Fresh & Mountain Solid

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A breathing exercise and meditation from the revered Zen monk.

Lalla Fatma N’Soumer

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The Kabyle resistance fighter who challenged the French colonial army

#80 Awakening Hope

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An exploration of Hope in trying times and RevD's upcoming courses.

The Rising Voice of the Feminine

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Mirabai Starr in conversation with the audience at SAND18 US.

My Orphan Country

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A poem by Palestinian refugee Nibal Khalid

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