Heart-Mind Consciousness

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In this interview with Zaya Benazzo at SAND19 Italy, Tina delves into embryology and explores when and how the soul/Spirit manifests itself in and through the body. Her embryology approach is inspired by the work of Dr. Jaap van der Wal, an embryologist and anatomist and Rudolf Steiner disciple. She describes the descent into heart-mind consciousness and relates it to her own journey.

Tina was brought up under the shadow of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. Early experiences led her to study consciousness at the University of Cape Town where she completed a B.SocSc in Psychology and Sociology.  However not content to just know about consciousness, she decided to leave university and she began an inner quest. After working many years with the yogi and philosopher Srinivas Arka and practicing his method of meditation known as the Intuitive Meditation method or Arka Dhyana, she decided to return to University. Tina earned her MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (ITP) California, and her PhD in Consciousness Studies from the International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) Hawaii. She is now an academic mentor at IUPS and also a certified teacher in the Intuitive Meditation method. Tina’s research includes investigating why the heart throughout the ages has been utilized as the center of attention in heart-based meditation practices. She also decided to delve into embryology and explore when and how the soul/Spirit manifests itself in and through the body and how myths have not only been used to explain reality, but also to effect the minds and hearts of people when there is a changeover in society – like from female goddess to male god religions. Tina has various publications on these topics. Dr Tina Lindhard is currently president of the non-profit organization CCASpain and chair of Consciousness Research of CICA International, a non-profit scientific Foundation. www.tinalindhard.org


Judaism and Psychedelics

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If you’re Jewish, there’s something about psychedelics that you might find familiar

Songs of Deep Ocean

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Listen to the mysterious sound of the deepest part of the ocean

Notes on Complexity: Neil Theise

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A Buddhist Scientist on the Murmuration of Being

Spider Dreams

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Jumping spiders have REM-like twitches when they sleep, suggesting dreams may be much more widespread in the animal kingdom than previously realized

Earth’s Wild Music: Kathleen Dean Moore

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Celebrating and Defending the Songs of the Natural World

Supermassive Black Holes

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This new NASA animation highlights the “super” in supermassive black holes. These monsters lurk in the centers of most big galaxies, including our own Milky Way, and contain between 100,000 and tens of billions of times more mass than our Sun.

Connection to Source via the Cerebrospinal Fluid

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Investigate the cerebrospinal fluid and integrate new research to evolve the hypothesis of The Cerebrospinal fluid and I Am


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We are all fascinated by the mystery of metamorphosis

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