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The storms and tragedies of contemporary life can be termed a spiritual crisis, in which we must awaken to a greater sense of self or else become more isolated and subject to increasing feelings of isolation and helplessness.

Because all things are ultimately interconnected, the challenges we face and the changes underway signal a genuine transformation of the world. Change can be disconcerting; yet in troubled times the inner threads of genius, imagination and wisdom become both more important and surprisingly more available.

Upavita is an old Sanskrit term for the eternal thread of golden imagination that makes each life valuable and noble from the beginning. This sacred thread of life connects the mind with the heart; it ties us to the dream of life and leads us to the purpose of our soul. While holding it, all the moments of our lives make sense; without it, all can seem accidental and pointless.

Call it dharma or the inner law of our being; call it a life dream or a spiritual calling; we are each called to awaken to the inner plotline of a story trying to unfold from within. In learning to express the mythic pattern woven within, we learn to contribute to the renewal of community as well as a restoration of nature.

What we need at this time is not a minor repair, but a major transformation of the world that can only start from the inside. Transformation at the level of the individual heart and soul generates the imagination and collective energy needed to change the conditions of the world.

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