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Do we have free will? Is there even a “we” or is there no personal self? Is everything perfect just as it is or is or are there problems to be solved? Or is the solution to all problems the realization that there are no problems? Are we all already enlightened or do we have to “attain” enlightenment through years of practice? And how about practice? Does it reinforce the sense of a practicer—a personal self—or can it lead to liberation from the confinement by that sense? Are gurus passé, or should they still play a role in contemporary spirituality? Does non-duality—Oneness—imply that there are no degrees of spiritual evolution? Are all forms of life equally valuable?

All of these questions have been raised in interviews I’ve conducted, and usually not as questions. Popular spiritual teachers have asserted one or another position to the exclusion of its alternatives. I have usually responded with “yes but”. Nisargadatta Maharaj and others have emphasized the importance of culturing the ability to appreciate paradox—to accommodate contradictory viewpoints within a broader perspective. After all, Nature does this. Water can be a solid, a liquid, or a gas. Its components, hydrogen and oxygen, are both completely unlike H2O. They, in turn, bear no resemblance to their subatomic components. And so on. More fundamental levels of nature do not invalidate the more manifest forms and properties to which they give rise. Reality is different at different levels of Nature’s functioning, and likewise, knowledge is different in different levels of consciousness.

Brahman or God are said to be all-consuming—the repository of all relative realities, no matter how dissimilar. If we aspire to Brahman Consciousness or God Realization, should our perspective evolve to follow suit?

Trauma and Awakening for Highly Sensitive People

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There are still several unanswered questions surrounding the relationship between trauma and Highly Sensitive People

#92 Gaza & the Bodhisattva Path

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A conversation from the <em>Where Olive Trees Weep</em> premiere on Palestine

The Heart Goes Rogue

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May you find the beauty everywhere and the perfection in the apparent imperfection

Suzuki’s Waterfall: On Separation and Death

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Whether it is separated into drops or not, water is water

Living with a Courageous Heart in Times of Crisis

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More than ever, we need the inner reflections and meditations that help us connect with our capacities for clarity, bravery and openheartedness.

#90 Dancing in the Fire

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A panel from <em>Where Olive Trees Weep</em> exploring Muslim Spirituality Illuminating the Path to Freedom

#89 Arab Jewish Mysticism

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Deep connections in Arab Judaism, mysticismm science and activism

One Human Family: Interfaith Solidarity with Palestine

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In this powerful interfaith gathering, renowned spiritual leaders from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist traditions come together to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for freedom, equality, and human dignity.

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