Kundalini yoga as a science of the mind, David Shannahoff-Khalsa

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David Shannahoff-Khalsa explains Kundalini yoga as an ancient science of the mind.

David Shannahoff-Khalsa is the Director of The Research Group for Mind-Body Dynamics at UCSD’s BioCircuits Institute, and a member of the UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine. Prior to coming to UCSD in 1994 he spent 23 years at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, first working on the building blocks of the genetic code, and then pioneering novel studies in the neurosciences. He has discovered a novel step in the evolution of the nervous system that gives new insights to mind-body (psychophysiological) states and how to control these states. He has published widely in scientific journals and conducted three clinical trials using Kundalini Yoga meditation techniques for treating obsessive compulsive disorders and OC spectrum disorders, and pioneered the use of whole-head magnetoencephalography brain imaging to study these and other yogic meditation techniques. He has presented and taught Kundalini Yoga Meditation at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meetings since 2003 for a wide range of psychiatric disorders. He has written four books that include 100+ different meditation techniques and disorder-specific protocols for all of the major psychiatric disorders.

This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5.
It was shot during SANDUS14.

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