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Maths, Movement & Mysticism

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Could it be that the relationship between Spirit and Creation, or non-duality and form, shows up in the world of numbers? 

One equation in the whole of science stands out as beautiful beyond all others. It has an extraordinary elegance about it, combining the four most fundamental numbers there are together with zero, like a cosmic jigsaw puzzle.

Mathematicians have had it tattooed onto themselves, made sculptures out of it, compared it to a Shakespeare sonnet. It’s even made it into an episode of The Simpsons…

In this remarkable film, you will see how our relationship to the divine, our creativity and our life journey are all reflected in the core pattern we find in this equation, showing up as a kind of mathematical version of the matrix.

More than just an abstract concept, this pattern can become an embodied meditation practice, with a simple yet profound message for this transformational time in our evolution as a species. 

Maths, Movement & Mysticism is the creation of Adam Barley, the founder of ZeroOne movement practice. 

“I learnt about this equation aged 17, but then got more interested in people than maths. After spending almost four decades immersed in the world of meditation and spirituality, it was a shocking flash of insight to suddenly see that a core pattern of our world — the relationship between Spirit and form — is right here in these numbers. It was a delight to find a way to communicate this vision through this film, and I hope you enjoy watching it.” —Adam

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