Once Upon A.I.

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What does the mind-blowing story of humankind look like through the eyes of artificial intelligence? ‘Once Upon A.I. – Inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’ is an experimental short film featuring over 260 strange and spectacular images, generated by 13 different A.I. algorithms.
It’s a collaboration between Sapienship, Love Tomorrow, AKA De Mensen, Once Storytelling, No Computer, and… several machines. The film was originally created for Tomorrowland festival’s Love Tomorrow Conference in July 2022.


Inspired by the work of: Yuval Noah Harari
Sapienship Founder: Itzik Yahav
Overall Management: Naama Avital
Copywriting: Yuval Noah Harari, Jason Parry, Naama Wartenburg
Research & Editing: Jim Clarke
Script Production: Naama Wartenburg
Partnership Management: Michael Zur, Daniel Taylor, Shay Abel

Commissioner: Love Tomorrow
Concept: Tom Willems
Creative Director: Tom Willems
Director: Mark Venter
Copywriting: Mark Venter
Technical Lead: Wim Vanhenden
Project Manager: Gwen Vanhee
Post Production: Alexander Debrabandere
Sound Design: Mark Venter
Digital Creative: Kobe Van Baekel
Executive Producer: Eline Rousseau
Producer: Natalia Tjurina
Voice artists: Charlene Sher, Sebastian Brown, Deanna Johnston, Theo Akimaru, Gaël Bartolini, Marcus Railton
AI voices: Play.ht & Bigspeak

AI models used: DallE Mini, Latent Diffusion, VQGAN, Pixray, Ken Burns 3D, Nightcafé, DeepDaze, First Order MM, Midjourney, Disco Diffusion, Ganbreeder, Play.ht, Bigspeak

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