Pain Phobia and Addiction to Control

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We live in an avoidant culture. Most of us were conditioned to hide our hurts from others and often from ourselves. As the song goes…we “haven't got time for the pain.” Obviously, this conditioning does not serve the aim of recognizing when something needs to change—whether we are talking about personal change or culture change. Our current world-wide health crisis offers a chance for each of us to become aware of a collective pain that we have tried for too long to deny.

What does it feel like when our ability to cope is challenged? Do we get overwhelmed and retreat into denial? Do we allow ourselves to see the handwriting on the wall that has been there all along? Do we open up to the felt experience that something needs to change, both personally and collectively? If Life demands that we learn from experience, how are we doing? What practices are available to help us take responsibility for our current predicament, make amends for our failings, and become a beneficial human presence on Planet Earth?

This talk is hosted by Katie Gray.

On Palestinian Trauma & Resilience

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A response to the call of physicians Ghassan Abu Sitta and Rupa Marya to rehumanize Palestinians by reimagining healing, life, and liberation of both bodies and minds

Fear The Person: Koans

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One can walk up to an abyss and turn away from it but cannot return to a ledge after stepping over

How Zionism Indoctrinated the West

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Zionism is the ideology that underpins the barbarism that has been meted out on Palestinians, its latest chapter being the slaughter that is currently happening in Gaza.

#82 From Wounds to Wholeness

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A conversation from a SAND Community Gathering with renowned Trauma excerpt on his new autobiography.

Why is connecting with my intuition not intuitive?

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How do we cultivate a sense of stillness when everything in our society is telling us to do the opposite?

#79 Restoring Wholeness

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Exploring Internal Family Systems from theory to practice.

Zionism has no space for an Arab Jew like me

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The State of Israel conditioned us to see the intersection of 'Jewish' and 'Arab' as impossible — even though my family held that identity for generations

#78 The Crisis in Gaza

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From a recent Community Gathering having the difficult conversations about a horrific violence in Gaza.

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