Prajnaparamita: Awakening, A Shift of Perspective

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What you are longing for is what you are and have always been. No longer deny and no longer ignore your very wisdom heart. There is nothing to acquire, self-realization is beyond any domain of attaining or doing. It is a revelation, a realization of the undividable, all pervading mystery. A shift of perspective, a shift from I to Thou. I, your point of reference evaporates, and you are no longer anchored in I, but in the heart of all.
I, the root of all delusion and suffering, is an imagined separation from totality. We have come to see ourselves as an aspect of life, but we are life itself. The ensuing loneliness and constant craving push more and more people into a journey to search for the missing part, whereas all it takes is a shift of perspective. In this shift I cannot continue. I simply dissolves and your being comes to rest in All. Once this standpoint dissolves, your view becomes wide open and ideas become objects to play with.

You come to live your best life, where all your qualities are fully expressed. Nothing needs to be avoided or suppressed any more. You are simply present, simply aware. There is no more fight and no more fear. Having entered the gate of the fulfilled heart, living this mystery, results in a different quality of perception. It is a stilled open presence where nothing needs to be protected anymore. What a relief, home at last, doubtlessly resting in the liberating realization never having been away from yourself.

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