SAND18 US — Being Human in the Engine of Creation

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Bruce Damer shows the audience at SAND18 the very first photo of RNA formed spontaneously from samples he collected from a hot spring. From this, in a wide-ranging talk which draws from our understanding of early human ancestry and some of our modern creation myths, including Star Wars, he speculates about the nature of human life and the stories we have created to live by.

A four-billion-year-old cycling evolutionary engine of creation lifted us improbable and beautiful human beings into existence. The very process by which we were made is driven by the dual nature of night and day, death and reproduction, despair and hope. The dark and light parts of our nature now starkly face each other in a high stakes planetary stand-off which will determine our very survival. The secret to our future may be to invoke Jedi-like transformative powers into the midst of the stand-off. To paraphrase Master Yoda… “Jedi need the dark force of the Empire to grow skills stronger… to answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not… so you must face the truth, and choose to give off light, for Luminous beings we are, Padawan.”

Judaism and Psychedelics

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If you’re Jewish, there’s something about psychedelics that you might find familiar

Songs of Deep Ocean

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Listen to the mysterious sound of the deepest part of the ocean

Notes on Complexity: Neil Theise

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A Buddhist Scientist on the Murmuration of Being

Spider Dreams

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Jumping spiders have REM-like twitches when they sleep, suggesting dreams may be much more widespread in the animal kingdom than previously realized

Earth’s Wild Music: Kathleen Dean Moore

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Celebrating and Defending the Songs of the Natural World

Supermassive Black Holes

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This new NASA animation highlights the “super” in supermassive black holes. These monsters lurk in the centers of most big galaxies, including our own Milky Way, and contain between 100,000 and tens of billions of times more mass than our Sun.

Connection to Source via the Cerebrospinal Fluid

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Investigate the cerebrospinal fluid and integrate new research to evolve the hypothesis of The Cerebrospinal fluid and I Am


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We are all fascinated by the mystery of metamorphosis

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