SAND18 US — Being Human is a Development, Not a Given

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In these difficult times, we are faced with the dark side of humanity that acts more like animal than our real potential which is a facet of the divine. What does it take to recognize our true human qualities and express them in the world? Being human is not something we should take for granted. Just because we are born Homo Sapiens does not mean we understand what being human is. We are each responsible for discovering what it is to be a true human being. When we explore our nature and find what is the real authentic presence of human beingness, we begin the process of transformation like a butterfly one form of life to quite another creature. Then it is possible to take the next step of expressing this Divine realization in the world while being free from its constraints. We can become conduits for pure awareness and consciousness to support this sacred right in one another. This can make it possible for people of the world to take the next step in the evolution of the true human being.

Karen Johnson, Co-founder of the Diamond Approach, reminds us that “human” comes from humus, the earth – and “being” is what we feel meaningless without – and we feel both these to be real – to be who we are. Learning to acknowledge and welcome both these aspects of ourselves is the process of becoming more and more transparent. This includes knowing our history and our culture, but not having to defend them, knowing we are nestled in the arms of the universe.

#64 AI and the Global Brain

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Trying to wrap our minds, hearts, and bodies around the rapidly evolving field of AI

The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

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Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises

It All Goes Down in Your Mind

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Gabor weaving Johnny Cash and the Buddhist 'Dhammapada'

How Brave You Are

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How brave you are for slowing down

Across Lines: Grief

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How do we catch people where they fall? How do we respond to this crisis in a way that doesn’t reinforce its architecture? What kind of politics is being summoned at this time?

#63 Ancestral Constellations

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Efu discussed her methods integrating ancestral wisdom from her Snail Clan in Tanzania, somatic therapy, and family constellations

Mysteries, Yes

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Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood

Gaza and the Human Soul

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Presidential candidate Cornel West and author Gabor Maté met for the first time this week to discuss the horrors of Israel’s war on Gaza.

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