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SAND18 US – Being Human through the Engine of Creation

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21st-Century science is on the verge of recreating the processes that may have brought life into being on the young Earth some four billion years ago. If experimental proof is achieved, these processes would be shown to be the fundamental “boot codes” of the living world. Cycled together they would then constitute an “engine of creation” that continuously generates all of biology, human culture, technology and even conscious experience. The emerging understanding of this conceptual engine bears surprising parallels to the Dao and other spiritual systems. Ironically this highly reductionist work on our deepest ancestry may give us the great gift of unifying the dual magisteria of science and spirit. But if we all live by and within this engine what does this say about how and where consciousness operates and what does this tell us about our own free will and future? Dr. Damer guides the SAND audience on an illustrated journey from life’s beginning to some possible answers to these big questions. He concludes by suggesting a way to use the power of this engine to further evolve what it is to be human and how we might collectively realize a truly great destiny.

Indigenous Solar Eclipse Stories From Across Turtle Island

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From rodents of unusual size to flaming arrows, communities across North America share solar eclipse traditions

Chasing Cicadas

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Amid the cacophony of a cicada emergence, Anisa George reflects on her choice to leave the Bahá’í faith and its promise of a new civilization

The Possibilities of Regeneration

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Origins of regenerative agriculture, offering a story that is both new and ancient in its roots

Ghost Pipe, Illness, and Mycoheterotrophy

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No matter how sick I feel, I’m still afire with a need to do something for my living

Listening to Stones

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Little Bear believes there is an unspoken language that makes it possible to bridge every worldview

Love as the Ground of Being

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Iain McGilchrist and Rowan Williams discuss the limits of materialism.

#67 The Dreaming Path

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A SAND Conversation with Aboriginal elders and authors

Your Stability, Patience, and Inclusiveness

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In this series of tender meditations, Ten Love Letters to the Earth, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh invites us to be truly present with the Earth, our Mot

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