SAND18 US — Opening the Masculine Heart

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A Panel Discussion

Kent Welsh introduces and Jeannie Zandi sets the stage for a groundbreaking and moving discussion between leaders in the world of masculinity and gender relations. Charles Eisenstein and Will Keepin are the other contributors, giving inspiring stories from their research and work on the topic, and coming to a consensus on the current state of the patriarchy: it is time for change!

The work before us, highlighted by the #metoo movement, is plain: how do we meet the masculine shadow, and support men in reclaiming and opening their hearts? Join Kent Welsh of Open Circle and his panelists who will explore the unique potential and challenges for men opening their hearts and standing up to face the individual and cultural masculine shadow.

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

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This video, filmed on location at the Onondaga Nation School in Onondaga Nation, focuses on the purpose and uses of the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address.

On the Trauma Embedded
in our Response to Israel and Beyond

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Trauma, I have come to learn, can be with a small "t" or a big one

#61 Roots Run Deep

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An audio version of the Roots Run Deep event from Nov 3

Letter to the Children of Gaza

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A letter from journalist Chris Hedges was shared with SAND via Dr

#58 On Extinction & Enchantment

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A conversation at the end of the world with the acclaimed activist, poet, musician, and artist.

When the freedom of the earth is everyone’s business

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A harrowing first hand account of environmental collapse in the heart of the Amazon

One Life, One Breath, One Mother

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Peace and justice exceed borders, blossoming through radical kinship

Sacred Activism, Sacred Water

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Like water itself, the protection of this vital resource takes many different forms

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