SAND18 US — Panel: Awakening to the Divine Feminine

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Today’s modern society can best be described as a paradox:. On the one hand there seems to be a collective awakening of human consciousness that is creating movement towards greater clarity, creativity, compassion, wellness, communion with nature and a sincere respect for spiritual, ethnic and gender diversity. On the other hand, our world is grappling with the backlash of social pariahs like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, class inequalities and religious intolerance, often leading to violence; unbridled materialism and even despair. As the outdated patriarchal structures rise up in backlash to their inevitable downfall, the need for a more sustainable world paradigm couldn’t be greater. It’s clear that now is the time for balance and integration to be restored to the planet. But how do we bring balance to what sometimes seems like two polar opposite extremes? Perhaps balance can only be restored by a collective awakening of the Divine Feminine in our society so that women and men can reconnect to a more integrated idea of Source/God/Life and step into a more nurturing relationships with themselves, their communities and the planet. This panel will be having a conversation on how we can all awaken this healing and nurturing inner feminine energy into our everyday lives and how such an awakening might effect our society and our world.. They will be sharing their own unique perspectives on this topic based on the awakening to the Divine Feminine that has unfolded in their own lives personally and professionally.

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