SAND18 US — The Geometry of Consciousness

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Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff propose that human brains don’t compute but rather think, through a process that incorporates a general relativistic modification to quantum mechanics. Although science is far from a unified theory we can see that these ideas would require the brain to obey certain geometrical constraints. This talk explains current research into the structures within the brain including experiments to test the effect of anesthetics on coherent energy transport in brain microtubules and progress on testing Penrose’s objective reduction (OR) hypothesis using Bose Einstein Condensates. Finally, we put this together into a possible model for a thinking machine that is not a computer that might shed light on the puzzle of consciousness.

Jewish Identity After Oct 7

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Recorded live at a SAND Community Gathering on May 11, 2024

#85 In Our Bones

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Exploring the polycrises and her new book "The Story is in Our Bones"

Where Olive Trees Weep: Official Trailer

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No one is free until we are all free

Catching My Breath

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luminous work woven with yellow threads of sunshine and impermanence

On Palestinian Trauma & Resilience

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A response to the call of physicians Ghassan Abu Sitta and Rupa Marya to rehumanize Palestinians by reimagining healing, life, and liberation of both bodies and minds

Sermon for Gaza 

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This is a sermon Chris Hedges gave on Sunday April 28 read by Eunice Wong

#84 Grieving in Community

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A recording of a recent community gathering holding space for personal and communal grief.

Fear The Person: Koans

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One can walk up to an abyss and turn away from it but cannot return to a ledge after stepping over

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