SAND18 US — Silence and Substratum

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Silent awareness is mostly drawn to light, sound, color, beauty, movement, patterns and contrast. In the wilderness, we can feel if a huge unseen presence is gazing at us. Or feel the notable absence of people – that hush that can soothe or hasten you home.

At the ocean, seeing is invited to widen and expand past habitual focus – though It is rare to notice silent space itself, between, behind and within it all. The vastness of an African savannah or the evening sky invites us into that which holds everything.

Our gaze is drawn primarily to form rather than to the essence at the heart of everything. And we tend to naturally overlook that which does not move in favor of the ever-changing display of ordinary life. What if it is the unmoving that notices and delights in movement? What if it is silence that adores music?

How lucky we are to have and be an omnidirectional awareness wearing a body that amplifies perception. A curiosity that can formlessly explore the infinity of life, the seen and unseen. And then reflect upon, share and celebrate!

Pamela speaks the Truth of advaita, non-duality – that the universe is one undivided whole. For the last twenty years she has traveled widely in the United States, Canada and Europe, sharing satsang and giving private sessions. Week-long retreats have been held in Mexico, Costa Rica, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the USA. She has endeared herself to many through her lighthearted humor and compassion, and deep understanding of what it is to be human. She lives in Sonoma, California.

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