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Seasons of Rumi

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Molānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Balkhī, better known in the West as Rumi, was not unfamiliar to crisis.

He lived during a time when the earth was experiencing a significant eclipse that included the residues of the Crusades, the immediate threat of the bloodthirsty Mongol armies, and the onset amnesia Muslims were experiencing. Yet, during this earthly eclipse, he found the Sun within his own heart. His life is one of Hope and possibilities.

Through his teachings, mainly in the form of sacred verses, Rumi gifted us many themes for life to contemplate on, marinate in, and fully embody and manifest.

Three of such themes that Pouria find relevant for our time include:
– Discernment
– Invitation
– Prayer

With joy in his heart, Pouria offers three of Rumi's poems, each speaking to one of these three themes. He first recites them in their original language, the language Rumi uttered. Then he provides an English translation for each.

#81 Ecology of Care

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Exploring the vital intersection of healing arts and indigeneity with Egyptian international interdisciplinary sound artist

My Orphan Country

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A poem by Palestinian refugee Nibal Khalid

ALDUNYA, The Goddess

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She, who speaks in climactic seed bursts of inspiration and steady sunrises the color of commitment.

Chasing Cicadas

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Amid the cacophony of a cicada emergence, Anisa George reflects on her choice to leave the Bahá’í faith and its promise of a new civilization


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Plenitude of sound / Infinitude of words / Transform within

From “Letters to Ukraine”

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But Ukraine is a country of the baroque

Ghost Pipe, Illness, and Mycoheterotrophy

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No matter how sick I feel, I’m still afire with a need to do something for my living

Beannacht / Blessing

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On the day when / the weight deadens / on your shoulders / and you stumble, / may the clay dance / to balance you

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