Sufi Whirling in Palestine: Sur Baher Primary School

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Join Ashira Prem Rachana in conversation with Zaya and Maurizio for a live webinar The Gift of Catharsis: Holistic Liberation through Movement, Meditation & Empowerment on Saturday September 17, 2022, 9-10:30am PDT.

The video above is a taste of Ashira's Sufi Whirling and an excerpt of the practice from her website:

“When the opportunity to present my Sufi Whirling performance at Sur Baher's primary school, I jumped at the chance. I always love working with kids, and performing for over 500 of them was a true pleasure.

Along with my band for the occasion from Al Sanabil Theater in Jerusalem, headed by Mr. Ahmed Abu Sal'oom, we performed from over an hour in the school's outdoor courtyard.

Sur Baher has a population of over 15,000 residents and is a Palestinian neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of Jerusalem.

The school invited us for the occasion of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday, and we performed traditional devotional music adorning the Prophet.

Devotional songs are hymns that accompany religious observances and rituals. Devotional music functions as a form of communion prayer and meditation and sung over a prolonged period to give participants a mystical experience.”

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