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Love is the refusal to separate —Nisargadatta Maharaj

From a deeply awakened perspective, the smallest particle and the vastness of space are equal expressions of an infinite mystery that cannot be divided or even named. This infinite mystery is empty of definition, empty of self, empty of resistance. Yet from this ground of infinite potential, life and love move spontaneously. Whether we are scientists looking for a single building block of the universe, or spiritual seekers looking for the deepest Truth, we discover a wholeness of being containing intricate interconnections.

Quarks, the smallest known particles, have “flavors,” yet apparently cannot be separated or isolated within their energy field. So, too, our ordinary life, filled with ever-changing forms and flavors, cannot be divided from the still, silent ground that seems to create from its own vibrations everything that appears to “be.” What is the energy of this connectivity? Perhaps it is a Love that cannot separate itself from you, from me, from the moment, from the cosmos, from the changing faces of experience, because it is simultaneously the totality of both source and expression. Perhaps your very form is the way that the Infinite knows and loves itself.

This presentation, including experiential invitations, explores the singularity of That which cannot be divided, yet relates to itself each moment, in every conceivable way, through an unconditional and timeless Love that can be experienced but not created by any thought that takes itself to be separate.

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