The Art of Letting Go (Excerpt), Introduction and Guided Meditation

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If you let go a little, you have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you have a lot of peace,
If you let go completely, you have complete peace.
– Ajahn Chah

The introduction and guided meditation from Peter Russell’s 2021 SAND Course The Art of Letting Go

Peter Russell explains how treating letting go as “letting in” and “letting be” leads to a much easier approach than the conventional trying to let go we usually default to. He will show how to apply this approach to letting go of judgments and grievances, fears and attachments, unhealthy emotions and fixed beliefs, our ego, and our suffering, thence opening to the peace, joy, and love that are our true nature.

In March 2023 join Peter for a brand-new series Enjoying Meditation: How to have meditation be a delight rather than a chore

Does it surprise you to hear that meditation can be enjoyable? Perhaps you’ve been discouraged because it seems takes a lot of effort and discipline? Or find it a chore, a never-ending struggle to quiet the mind and focus the attention?

Peter Russell shows how meditation not only can be enjoyable, but should be so. From a lifetime of teaching meditation, he’s developed ways to help the mind to settle down easily and quickly. The key is to give up all trying and effort. When we do, we find meditation can be something we delight in and look forward to.

Peter takes a straightforward approach to meditation that encourages the mind to relax. As it begins to settle down, we find ourselves more in the present moment, not caught up in distracting thoughts and emotional reactions. We feel more content and at ease. And the more we slow down, the more aware we become of an ever-present inner quietness. We can begin to savor the stillness of our own Being, our authentic self.

The course will take you from the basic practice of meditation to some of the more advanced techniques that Peter has been teaching in recent years. We will also learn how to bring the ease, joy, and clarity of mind that we experience in meditation back into our daily lives.

Topics will include:

  • Allowing the mind to fully relax
  • Managing thoughts in meditation
  • New approaches to letting go
  • Dissolving the ego-mind
  • Opening to the heart
  • Savoring the stillness of Being
  • Loving your true Self

These webinars will also be an opportunity to discuss with Peter his work on consciousness and the nature of spiritual awakening, and how to put into practice the ideas in his recent book, Letting Go of Nothing: Relax Your Mind and Discover the Wonder of Your True Nature.

Each session will start with a talk and a guided meditation, followed by Q&A and group discussion. They will be suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Join Peter Russell for this live 4-part webinar series

Originally studying mathematics and theoretical physics, Peter Russell became increasingly interested in the nature of consciousness, and in the late sixties traveled to India, to study meditation and Eastern philosophy. On his return he established a meditation center in Cambridge, England, and went on to pioneer the introduction of personal growth programs to corporations. He is the author of a dozen books, including The Global Brain, Waking Up In Time, and From Science to God, and Seeds of Awakening. At SAND conferences he has led morning meditation sessions that people have found very helpful

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