The Doorway to Ecstatic Freedom, David Spero

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David Spero speaks of our own unique paths to explore the edge between the known and the unknown.

Science does not provide a meaningful exploration of the edge between the known and the unknown, for science limits itself to quantifiable realities. The unknown for science eventually becomes the known, again and again, in a series of empirical discoveries, followed by literal articulations (conclusions), followed by more discoveries and more articulations, ad infinitum. Science thus displays an endless, indirect and piecemeal attempt at knowing. Classical Vedanta and Neo-Advaita presentations likewise cannot probe into the edge in consciousness, since they attempt to deny or transcend the known–not understand it. Nondual theorists tell us with great confidence that “the Self is everything.” This “Self,” however, turns out to be merely the Un-Manifested aspect of the Absolute–only one side of the edge between the known and unknown. Advaita Vedanta subsumes the known into the unknown, dissolving the edge between them. Disappointingly then neither science nor Advaita Vedanta can explore the mysterious edge. I wonder if it is possible to approach this subject from an entirely different angle. Could a human body-mind manifest a bridge to the unknown through its own subjective intensity and then share it with others? Neither scientific method nor non-dualistic spiritual theories can bring us to the edge of the known, but perhaps, as a direct taste, Non-Dual Recognition, Ecstatic Devotional Feeling and Activated Kundalini Shakti interacting simultaneously might function as an energetic bridge offering a thrilling sensation of entering the edge of consciousness.

#94 One Human Family

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In this episode we present excerpts from the recent conversation (June 2024) as part of SAND’s “Conversations on Palestine” around the premiere of the film Where Olive Trees Weep hosted by the directors of the film and co-founders of SAND, Zaya and

Trauma and Awakening for Highly Sensitive People

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There are still several unanswered questions surrounding the relationship between trauma and Highly Sensitive People

#92 Gaza & the Bodhisattva Path

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A conversation from the <em>Where Olive Trees Weep</em> premiere on Palestine

The Heart Goes Rogue

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May you find the beauty everywhere and the perfection in the apparent imperfection

Suzuki’s Waterfall: On Separation and Death

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Whether it is separated into drops or not, water is water

Living with a Courageous Heart in Times of Crisis

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More than ever, we need the inner reflections and meditations that help us connect with our capacities for clarity, bravery and openheartedness.

#90 Dancing in the Fire

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A panel from <em>Where Olive Trees Weep</em> exploring Muslim Spirituality Illuminating the Path to Freedom

#89 Arab Jewish Mysticism

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Deep connections in Arab Judaism, mysticismm science and activism

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