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The Enneagram: Nonduality and the Vulnerable Heart – SAND19 US

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The journey into authentic nondual experience usually entails an ongoing experience of paradox, and one of the great paradoxes of nondual teachings is the apparent dichotomy between the vast stillness and openness of our fundamental consciousness and the visceral sense of being here—embodied and open-hearted. It takes a while before many of us discover that the way to genuine nondual awareness is through deeply embodied presence. Without this, our realizations tend to turn into memories, and lead to various dissociative or detached positions that are actually ego defenses against suffering. Yet central to the original teachings of the Enneagram is the idea that our core suffering can be transformed by bringing presence and compassion to it. Indeed, each of the nine points represent a particular transformational pathway from the dense suffering of egoic existence into the embodied qualities the awakened heart. In this presentation, we explore these nine transformations of the heart, and how they assist us in our capacity to actually live our realizations in our work, relationships, and daily lives.

#79 Restoring Wholeness

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Exploring Internal Family Systems from theory to practice.

Zionism has no space for an Arab Jew like me

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The State of Israel conditioned us to see the intersection of 'Jewish' and 'Arab' as impossible — even though my family held that identity for generations

#78 The Crisis in Gaza

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From a recent Community Gathering having the difficult conversations about a horrific violence in Gaza.

Spirituality, Archetypes & Trauma

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The treatment of trauma is fraught with many pitfalls and “tight corners.” Generally overlooked, however, is an innate relationship between trauma, archetypes and spirituality

What is Internal Family Systems?

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Richard Schwartz, Ph.D, founding developer of IFS, speaks about Parts & Voices, the Self, Healing and how Internal Family Systems got its name.

Entangled Nature:
Feminist Lessons
of Interconnectedness

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Like the mycelium networks that exist under the Earth, sisterhood—holding each other in safe spaces, speaking out for one another— is also at times invisible but fundamental to the survival of us all

Liberating the Social Instinct to Support Realization 

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Exploring the origins, distortions, and liberating potential of the social instinct, as discussed by Diamond Approach founders A

Gaza Besieged, Jews Divided & A World In Pain

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Gabor Maté and sons Aaron and Daniel got together in Vancouver BC to discuss what's happening in Gaza, Israel, and the worldwide Jewish community.

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