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We all experience how the pace of change is speeding up, but seldom do we step back to look at where this acceleration is taking us. In the coming decades, the pace of life will be much faster than it is today leading to technological advances that may be as unimaginable to us today as the current Internet was thirty years ago.

However, we need to consider another consequence of accelerating change: the stress it creates. Whether it be our own biological system, our social, economic, and political systems, or the planetary ecosystem, the stress of ever-increasing change will eventually lead to breakdown—with potentially disastrous consequences, as the impending climate catastrophe reveals.

In the future, we will see technology beyond our dreams, in a world falling apart at the seams. And no-one is to blame. It’s the natural consequence of innovation breeding innovation, leading to an exponential explosion of growth.

So how do we cope with an increasingly unpredictable world? How can we prepare ourselves as the winds of change whip up into a storm of change? And what is the new story of humankind to which this leads?

#86 SAND’s New Film on Spirituality in the Face of Injustice

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Exploring the road past and present for universal liberation with "Where Olive Trees Weep"

From Palestine to the World (Excerpt)

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On the Global Struggle for Liberation We present the first 25 minutes of this important conversation from two living legends. This conversation is part of the release of the new documentary film Where Olive Trees Weep. The full version of the conversation

#85 In Our Bones

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Exploring the polycrises and her new book "The Story is in Our Bones"

Where Olive Trees Weep: Official Trailer

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No one is free until we are all free

Sermon for Gaza 

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This is a sermon Chris Hedges gave on Sunday April 28 read by Eunice Wong

#84 Grieving in Community

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A recording of a recent community gathering holding space for personal and communal grief.

Sacred Activism: SAND17 Panel Discussion

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Vera de Chalambert chairs a panel with four sacred activists.

Help the Diab Family Escape Genocide

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This family of six is seeking refuge in Egypt from the horrors of daily life in Gaza

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