The Feeling of One-ness as an Illusion

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Quantum mechanics suggest that consciousness arises in a measurement-explanatory feedback loop between our experiences and the accommodation-model we hold in our memory. If correct, what we see in front of our nose is not the real external world, nor even a mental representation of it, but rather an accommodation to external stimulation expressed in our private space-object vocabulary. The capabilities of our mental display and its vocabulary are limited by our evolutionary development and so is the world we believe to be living in. The very stake-your-life-on-it reality we live and die by will change as our mental capability evolves.

I will show how the psychological feeling of one-ness with the universe is actually an internal experience produced by an awareness of ones internal accommodation-model. This model includes both ones body and what are normally taken to be external objects. I will
argue that the feelings of love and harmony associated with one-ness are due to the recognition that even ones enemies are in fact only characters who are part of us and play their threatening roles for our own good.

I will show that one cannot logically become aware of anything outside ourselves and that the architecture of quantum theory describes the thought process of a conscious being. Entanglement is therefore largely attributed to the one-ness of our internal structure and the collapse of the wave function akin to the collapse of our knowledge of alternative possibilities when a measurement reveals the actuality of a situation. Knowing that this observer knowledge interpretation of quantum theory is discredited I will show that Bell’s theorem cannot be violated by any recorded measurement result and a flaw in the interpretation of the Aspect experiments is responsible for the popular opinion.

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