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Just in the same way as you don't focus your attention
on how you make your thyroid gland function, so in the same way,
you don't have any attention focused on how you shine the sun.

So then, let me connect this with the problem of birth and death,
which puzzles people enormously of course.
Because, in order to understand what the self is,
you have to remember that it doesn't need to remember,
just like you don't need to know how you work your thyroid gland.

So then, when you die, you’re not going to have to put up with everlasting non-existence. Because that's not an experience. 

A lot of people are afraid that when they die, they’re going to be locked up in a dark room forever and sort of undergo that.
But one of the most interesting things in the world—this is a yoga, this is a way of realization—try and imagine what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up. 
Think about that. Children think about that. It’s one of the great wonders of life. What will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?
And if you think long enough about that, something will happen. You will find out, among other things, that it will pose the next question to you: What was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep?

That was when you were born.

You see? You can't have an experience of nothing; Nature abhors a vacuum. So after you're dead, the only thing that can happen is the same experience, or the same sort of experience as when you were born. 
In other words, we all know very well that after people die, other people are born.

Everybody is I, you all know you’re you. And wheresoever beings exist—throughout all galaxies, it doesn't make any difference—you are all of them, and when they come into being, that's you coming into being.

You know that very well.

Only you don’t have to remember the past in the same way you don’t have to think about how you work your thyroid gland or whatever else it is in your organism. You don’t have to know how to shine the sun, you just do it. Like you breathe. Doesn't it really astonish you that you are a fantastically complex thing and that you’re doing all this and you never had any education in how to do it. You never learned, but you're this miracle? 

Well, the point is, that from a strictly physical, scientific standpoint, this organism is a continuous energy with everything else that's going on.

And if I am my foot, I am the sun. 

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