The Theorem of Love, Ulisse di Corpo

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With his characteristic clarity, Ulisse di Corpo explains the two solutions of Einstein’s well-known energy equation. He introduces entropy’s complimentary expression, syntropy, as an attractor, the law that governs the invisible world, as opposed to the causality of entropy, which governs the physical world. He explains that life is a balance, as all our attempts to increase syntropy produce entropy, and the challenge is to increase syntropy with as little entropic action as possible. The key is to use the heart as a compass, as the heart is the chief instrument for detecting attractors from the future. One of the problems of the emphasis on entropy is that we feel we exist, but feel ourselves to be nothing, so find no purpose in life. Meaning can only be found when we unite the entropic universe with our syntropic self. This is the movement from duality to nonduality, which is achieved through love.

The Dawn of Native American Solar Farms

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For decades, Native Americans were reliant on the US government to bring them power

#64 AI and the Global Brain

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Trying to wrap our minds, hearts, and bodies around the rapidly evolving field of AI

The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

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Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises

It All Goes Down in Your Mind

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Gabor weaving Johnny Cash and the Buddhist 'Dhammapada'

How Brave You Are

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How brave you are for slowing down

Across Lines: Grief

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How do we catch people where they fall? How do we respond to this crisis in a way that doesn’t reinforce its architecture? What kind of politics is being summoned at this time?

#63 Ancestral Constellations

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Efu discussed her methods integrating ancestral wisdom from her Snail Clan in Tanzania, somatic therapy, and family constellations

Mysteries, Yes

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Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood

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