Tim Freke: Paralogical Perception

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‘There are trivial truths and there are great truths. The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false. The opposite of a great truth is also true.” ~ Niels Bohr: Quantum Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner
The theme of this years conference is ‘perception’. In this presentation Tim Freke will outline the essence of his paralogical philosophy (which is based on an understanding of the paradoxical nature of life), so that we can directly experience the radical change in perception that arises from it. Freke discriminates logical thinking and paralogical thinking. Logical thinking adopts an ‘either/or’ perspective. It is based on the principle that something is either true or it isn’t true, so the opposite of a logical truth is false. Paralogical thinking adopts a ‘both/and’ perspective. It is based on the realization that essentially life is paradoxical, so the opposite of a paralogical truth can also be true. If we want to understand the surface of life logical thinking works perfectly. But to understand the depths of things we need to think paralogically, because the universe is essentially paradoxical. We need to see things from two opposite perspectives at once. To help us directly experience the paralogical perspective, Tim Freke explores:

  • The wave-particle duality as an example of the paradoxical nature of reality.
  • Binocular vision as a metaphor for paralogical perception.
  • The coexistence of the dual and non-dual perceptions of the universe.
  • Experiencing each other as objective and subjective beings.
  • Honoring both the separateness of the soul and the oneness of being.
  • Apperceiving that the world is both real and unreal.
  • Taoism, yin/yang and paralogical philosophy.
  • The paralogical compatibility of deep spirituality and deep science.

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