Time of the 6th Sun: Toltec Teachings on Life, Death and Transformation

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Curanderismo, mindfulness and traditional medicine are precious gifts from our ancestors. These practices and cultural teachings serve to help us heal ancestral and personal trauma, cultivate a deep and ongoing relationship with universal and earth energies, and to partner with those energies in order to fulfill our path of service and destiny.

In this presentation, Brenda will speak on the intersections of mindfulness, indigenous prophecies and teachings from ancient calendars as a means to understand the turbulence, loss and change happening on the planet at this time. Brenda will also introduce participants to a brief Toltec breath and energy practice with Coatlicue (life and death energies) for healing, power and presence, and for cultivating the energy and relationship that is needed for deep personal and collective transformation.

Brenda will close with teachings and understandings about the transition to the Time of the Sixth Sun, beginning in May of 2021, ushering the next phase in the Toltec Calendar and human consciousness.

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