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SAND Anthology Vol. 8

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Dear SAND Supporter, we hope you will enjoy watching the SAND Anthology Volume 8 collection of interviews.

SAND Online Anthology Vol. 8 is a collection of conversations with leading scientists, contemporary mystics, authors and teachers. Science and Nonduality Anthology Volume 8 takes you on a journey into the most compelling questions of our time. The anthology includes indepth interview with: Anthony Aguirre, Cheryl Abrams, Corine Sombrun, Dean Radin, J.P.Sears, Kabir Helminski, Katherine T. Peil, Larry Dossey, LynnMarie Lumiere, Marjorie Woollacott, Mark Wolynn, Matthew Fox, Michaela Boehm, Miranda MacPherson, Richard Rohr, Stuart Kauffman, Tengzi Wangyal Rinpoche, and Tosha Silver.

Some of the questions explored in this volume include:
Can we inherit family trauma? What does trauma have to do with spiritual awakening? What are the Dzogchen teachings? What happens in Mongolian shamanic trance? Is there still a place for the word magic? What is surrender? What does awakening mean in the Christian tradition? Why is Islam so deeply misunderstood? Can religious believers be brought together? What is awakened relating? Is sexuality taboo on the spiritual path? What is the biological function of emotion?

These questions and many more are explored in this collection. Each interview is a self-standing segment presenting the essence of the dialogues while taking the viewer into a space beyond the questions and answers themselves.

#81 Ecology of Care

Podcast with

Exploring the vital intersection of healing arts and indigeneity with Egyptian international interdisciplinary sound artist

Rabbi Cat’s musings on Parsha Tazria

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As I think about what is happening today in Israel and Palestine, I think about the challenges we all face when we are confronted with stories different from those with which we were raised and that held a lot of meaning for us

Flower Fresh & Mountain Solid

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A breathing exercise and meditation from the revered Zen monk.

Lalla Fatma N’Soumer

Article by

The Kabyle resistance fighter who challenged the French colonial army

#80 Awakening Hope

Podcast with

An exploration of Hope in trying times and RevD's upcoming courses.

The Rising Voice of the Feminine

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Mirabai Starr in conversation with the audience at SAND18 US.

My Orphan Country

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A poem by Palestinian refugee Nibal Khalid

Indigenous Solar Eclipse Stories From Across Turtle Island

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From rodents of unusual size to flaming arrows, communities across North America share solar eclipse traditions

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