What is a Shamanic Diet?

For shamans, dieting is a practice that comes from their grandparents and it is the foundation of their work. In this short film, Shipibo curandero Wexa Mets explains the importance of diet for spiritual development and working with Ayahuasca. 

Diet is a technology that helps us connect with ourselves and the Universe, and grow our medicinal mindset while practicing Ayahuasca. 

Shamanic diet includes selecting a master plant that dietero is partaking every day during a certain period. Master plant along with Ayahuasca is teaching, guiding and helping them connect to the spirits of the jungle. For shipibo diet is the main practice on a path of becoming a healer. It can be compared to a software that installs new technologies into a patient’s mind and body that helps them heal and develop “medicinal mindset”.

Breaking the diet is something that can bring bad luck, vice versa when the diet is “strong” and diligently observed, it brings all the good things into one’s life. 

To learn more about this beautiful and strict practice, watch the movie made by Alexandra Sheren during one of her diets in the Amazonian jungle in Peru.

Discover more on the SherenProject YouTube Channel

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