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It’s Time to Allow Vibration to Have its Way

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“The Science of the future will be based on sympathetic vibrations.”
~ Rudolf Steiner

For well over a century, scientists have been wrestling with what quantum mechanics has been revealing to us about fundamental reality- even if we don’t know the details. They have been trying to rectify how our macroscopic view of the world jives with the microscopic world of sub-atomic physics. It’s been an impossible problem, a koan to say the least. It is time to allow vibration to teach us what is real, and who we truly our as humans. Reality at its most fundamental level is vibrations arising from and returning to nothing. These vibrations are expanding and contracting. When the expanding and contracting forces are balanced with one another we have a standing wave. From there arise atoms, molecules and all the “solid” objects of the world.

Because everything is vibration, everything can be looked upon as resonators or oscillators. It was the great Dutch scientist and clock maker, Christian Huygens, who discovered the sympathetic motion of pendulums in clocks that were running next to each other. Of course, many hundreds of years before that, Pythagoras observed sympathetic vibrations between stringed instruments. Today, in biology, chaos theory, self-organizing systems, and emergent behavior, all point to a reality where sympathetic resonance is key. In a recent article entitledCould Consciousness Come Down to The Way Things Vibrate?Tam Hunt writes the following:

Something interesting happens when different vibrating things come together: They will often start, after a little while, to vibrate together at the same frequency. They sync up,sometimes in ways that can seem mysterious. This is described as the phenomenon ofspontaneous self-organization.

Everything in your body resonates. Every atom that makes up the cells of your body oscillates. Every cell that these atoms make up pulsates. Every organ of your body has its own pulsation, its own movement. Your breath is an oscillator with a frequency of 12 to 20 breaths per minute at rest.

There are countless resonators in your body and, like resonators everywhere, they will seek to fall into sympathetic resonance with one another like pendulum clocks on a wall, except for one particular interference pattern that tends to create decoherence and will keep this synchronization from happening to its fullest extent. That interference pattern is you,not who you are ultimately, but who youthinkyou are. This interference pattern is separative and based in fear, which contracts the tissues of the body,preventing optimum sympathetic resonance within the body.

The biggest resonator in your body is your heart, along with the blood pulsating, spiraling through your veins and arteries. Your brain also pulses and vibrates and operates using various frequencies. Bringing the resonators in the heart and head into sympathetic resonance can go a long way toward dissolving the interference pattern that is the fear-based, false sense of self,otherwise known as the ego. This is what Heartmath is helping individuals with. We can find another resonator in the naval area of the body called the tan tien in Taoism. When either of these resonators increasingly falls into sympathetic relationship with the head, the separative interference pattern called the ego will be reduced. Key to these relationships is the vagus nerve which connects the heart and gut with the brain.

“We have met the enemy, and they are us”. The separate sense of self we all have is the culprit. The ego that just about everyone is completely identified with tends to create decoherence in the bodily systems and prevents us from knowing the part of our Being which is coherent and is connected with Source. The ego quite often makes bad choices, due to the dictates of the pleasure principle. This is evidenced in myriad ways— in the obesity problem, for example, which is becoming epidemic throughout the world,and in the environmental catastrophe which imperils the entire planet’s population, including many non-human species of plants and animals.

Clearly, the ego of the human being can be self-destructive and often acts irrationally. This is what happens when one is not connected to the Source within.However, calling the ego evil, which it is in many ways, is not helpful. This is simply the ego calling the ego evil. It would be wonderful if our egos could be simply and gently dissolved into the river of sympathetic vibration that runs through our senses. Unfortunately, the ego invariably puts up significant resistance, represented by the symbol of the Christian crucifixion. The cross on which the ego is crucified is the reality of sympathetic resonance. This crucifixion can be a hellish one or a blissful one depending on how much and how deeply the ego is willing to let go. When the ego becomes a willing sacrifice, unnecessary suffering is greatly reduced.

The issues we each face in our individual lives are often self-created, but even those that aren’t are usually exacerbated through stress and anxiety. Indeed, the problem is the ego in each one of us. The ego experiences itself as separate from the things around it. This experience of separation is mixed with fear and pain and, ultimately, caused by fear. Even though our separate sense of self may believe in and pray to a higher being, more often than not it does so in an attempt to relieve this basic fear, which it can never fully do. The ego, of course, is also comprised of the history you have of yourself, with the images of who you were in the past as well as the projected images you have of yourself in the future. We store these images in our heads while the truth lies in the vibrations of the body. The ego constructed of images and thoughts will die sooner or later because “it is the ghost in the machine”. It was never real to begin with.

Once we really come to understand that consciousness is sympathetic resonance and our body is made up of resonators, the ego can be seen as an interference pattern. But just what is it that it is interfering with? It is interfering with the natural tendency for all material things (or resonators) to fall into sympathetic resonance. The ego’s whole sense of existence is based on its resistance to the flow of life, known in Christianity as the Holy Spirit.

What scientists have been grappling with these many years is the paradox of fundamental reality being made up of particles or waves, depending on the way one measures them, the way one chooses to observe them. It seems in this macroscopic world we don’t have that choice in how we view reality. It seems we’re stuck in this particle world of separate objects. The world of the wave, where everything is connected, exists only on the sub-atomic level and in wishful thinking. We don’t have “the eyes to see and the ears to hear.”

So how do we change our perception of the world from the visible, solid, particle point of view to the invisible wave paradigm? How do we actually come to know thatallis vibration?

In regard to seeing, it is by allowing the understanding that all is vibration to hit you right between the eyes. There is a point behind and between your eyes where the two optic nerves cross. This is the X,or cross that starts the process of the real crucifixion, where eventually every image that your mind has ever created is pierced and let go of. This X is surrounded by arteries that are pulsating with the circulation of the bloodstream. There is also an electro-magnetic pulse where the two nerves cross. This area is called the optic chiasma and it is next to the pituitary gland and just in front of the third ventricle.

This resonator wants to fall into sympathetic resonance with a resonator on the other side of the third ventricle, also known as the cave of Brahma. This is where the pineal gland lies, which is the central node or still point of the sensorium of the brain. The reason the pineal gland is at the center node of the sensorium of the brain is because of its location between these two sensory integration areas and the vibratory role it plays with them, not because of any wiring between these areas. The pineal gland is right between two of the major sensory integration organs of the brain – the thalamus, which acts as a relay station, anterior to the pineal gland, and the two superior colliculi,which is the primary integrating center of seeing. They are directly posterior to the pineal gland.As the areas of the pituitary and pineal glands start to fall into sympathetic relationship, coherent standing waves are created in the cerebral spinal fluid of the third ventricle. These standing waves have been experienced by mystics for thousands of years as the music of the spheres, the Word of Godand the “I AM”. “Music soothes the savage beast.” In this case the “beast” is the primal fear held primarily in the reptilian brain that are the root of the separative ego. When fear at this level is removed from the body all that is left is sympathetic vibration.

The cerebral spinal fluid may absorb, store, and transmit the essence of the source and allow us to experience our beingness, the I AM’.” ~ Mauro Zappaterra, MD, PhD

Allowing the resonators that make up the mechanism of seeing to fall into sympathetic resonance is what brings forth this inward-directed, “single-eyed” way of seeing.In contrast, it is our outer-directed, “two-eyed” point of view that we use to create this solid “particle” world.

And how do we develop “ears to hear,” a way of hearing that will connect us with the “wave” paradigm of connectedness? If we are to commune with the wave again (we knew this connection in the womb but didn’t have the ability to record and remember the experience),two resonatorshave to fall into sympathetic resonance in the ear. They are the cochlea and vestibule. The French physician Alfred Tomatis, creator of the Tomatis Method, called these two parts of the ear the “two antennas” of the ear. One antenna, the cochlea,is the organ of hearing, while the other antenna, the vestibule,is involved with bodily proprioception. When these two parts of the ear are in sympathetic relationship, the sense of feeling and hearing are one. Imagine how you perceived things back when you were in in the womb when “seeing” wasn’t available and feeling and hearing were the primary senses involved in experiencing your environment. Through this liquid environment in which you were floating, you would both feelandhear the breath, and the heartbeat of your mother, as well as the various sounds/vibrations her organs would make. Most importantly were the pulsations of mother’s blood moving through the umbilicus, giving you two types of nourishment. One was the physical nourishment; the other was the eternal nourishment, the pulsations themselves. Writer and therapist Stanley Keleman saw these pulsations at the naval as the “pulsatory continuum” and said it was the heart of human bonding.This pulsatory continuum is what we humans share when a mother nurses her child, and in sex, in loving gaze and touch, in Being.

In the liquid environment of the womb, feeling and hearing work in a unified way.After birth, our senses of feeling and hearing become increasingly separated since, once “on land,” seeing becomes the primary sense we use to know the world. As feeling becomes estranged from hearing, it increasingly hooks up with seeing to create the way we experience this outer world.Over time, we create many thousands of images that we store in our “heads.” We have memories and feelings and judgments attached to each one of these images. This becomes the way we convince ourselves that we know reality, who we are in time/space. When feeling and seeing come together it creates abstraction. It also creates our sense of time. In contrast, when feeling and hearing unite, we know ourselves in the moment in pure space.

It is time for us to move in our perception of consciousness from the “particle point of view,” our “original sin,” to the other way of experiencing what is – through the wave. “Original sin” is our constant, unconscious need to “collapse the wave function.” From the perspective of survival, collapsing the wave function is the way of staying alive. It’s good to collapse the wave function and see there is a predator or a bus coming at you. If you were fully immersed in the wave experience of “what is” in every moment, you wouldn’t run or get out of the way. Unfortunately, for most humans, the particle point of view outer world seems like the only world that exists, even though we know, or should know from quantum mechanics, that this is not true. We humans have to come to see there is a choice in how we experience what we call reality. This is our inherent choice, to go with the flow or to resist it. Discovering the flow is discovering how the sympathetic vibration dynamic, the Holy Spirit, wants to penetrate your senses – from seeing to feeling to hearing – and show you how everything is vibration, even you!

“I Am” an activity, not a thing.


Greg has studied cranial sacral therapy and somato-emotional release with John Upledger, bodywork with Joseph Heller and Continuum with Emilie Conrad. He has been involved with Surat Shabda Yoga, which endeavors to hear the sounds that emanate through the cerebral spinal fluid, which in turn directs one’s attention to the “I Am” or soul. Greg has also taught hatha yoga for over fifteen years and attended numerous “Towards a Science of Consciousness” and “Science and Nonduality” Conferences. Email:

[email protected]

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