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Realizing the Transpersonal Self

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If we take a focus of attention inward regularly, we can realize intuitively that our conscious awareness, rather than being separate from the world as it seems to be, exists as a field of consciousness everywhere in all space. We can discover that awareness doesn’t just exist inside our own head but also extends into the space inside and around all of us, as a field-self or non-local self that we all participate in.

This spatial consciousness extends throughout the universe and is aware everywhere within itself. Inside each one of us, it’s providing a conscious awareness which is experienced through the context of our human eyes, ears and touch.

As we tune in, we can dissolve the sense of separation inherent in our everyday awareness and intuitively know the field-consciousness inside us. Our everyday awareness deepens as our focussed attention helps us consciously realize the cosmic field-self and we can more clearly hear the practical guidance that this spatial consciousness is always offering us through our intuition.

This intuitive guidance helps us to live well and it’s also a reminder that we’re part of something much bigger than our family, our nation or even our planet. We’re cosmic beings, the continuously generated expressions of a cosmic intelligence which is bringing us all into being within itself so as to experience living as the many forms of life existing throughout the Universe.

Keeping in touch with this huge cosmic presence within us day by day helps us transcend and dissolve the self-limiting conceptual boundaries we can all too easily build for ourselves with our thinking. Tuning in and becoming consciously present and aware in the continuously transient now moment, dissolves the separating lens of personal ego and our fearful or unhappy thinking about the past or future.

We’ve found the stillness and silence of now. Our inwardly focussed attention is helping us find a space free of thought, a conscious, self-aware cosmic space which is bringing all of us into being out of itself. This transpersonal, spatial-consciousness is experiencing our planet within us and through us and is always guiding us to tune in to a deeper, more conscious awareness of itself.

Our connection into deep, inner-core consciousness awakens an intuitive realization that this unlimited, seamless space is the source of all life. We’re the continuously generated expressions of a cosmic intelligence field which is transforming itself into life-forms throughout the Universe.

Like a three-dimensional music becoming visible moment by moment, streaming flows of quantum-scale resonances are emerging out of cosmic intelligence and coming into appearance as living-cell biochemistry and living beings. This spatial intelligence-organism is the primary stuff of the Universe and everything that lives is a continuously generated expression of it, a vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as trees, human beings and all life everywhere.

Moving our attention inward allows us to know the presence of this generative source-intelligence that is continuously making the whole world out of itself, vibrationally transforming itself into the streaming flows and interwoven orchestration of living-cell biochemistry.

Inwardly focussing our attention is an easy practice to fit into everyday life, and just as we wouldn’t expect our body to stay in shape if we didn’t exercise it regularly, we can’t expect our mind to remain in shape unless we regularly take a focus of attention inward. This helps us be fully present in the continuously transient now moment, more able to clearly hear our intuition and more easily able to share our deep self with others.

The focus of our attention, like rays of light focussed into a high intensity point by a lens, has an actual location in the space inside and all around us. As we read words on a screen, we’re focussing our attention briefly on each word in turn. If we pause from reading for a moment, we can move our focussed attention away from our screen and into the inner core of ourself. We can gently hold a focus of attention in this inner core and allow our thinking to subside. Our attention is now focussed within a conscious, self-aware space which seems to be not only inside us, but everywhere throughout the Universe. We’ve become consciously present in the spacious cosmic intelligence field which exists everywhere inside and all around all of us.

What we are, at the core of our innermost self and in all space everywhere, is what is looking through all of us into the world.

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