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Ballad For Someone Who Cares

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Below is a poem/song from a participant named Sylvie from Roots Run Deep, Part II with Gabor Maté hosted by SAND in December 2023.

Oh Cedars of Lebanon, so tall, so high…
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Oh Waters of Genezareth, so cool, so deep…
How are you now?
How are you now?

…the olive tree has shed her leaves where children used to play,
the Garden’s soil is drenched with grief,
and our lambs have gone astray,
our elders failed, we’re out of bounds, and no one sees the need to end the pain

(But some, they’re you, they’re me, they’re them, they’re us, do.)

I see a white dove flying, towards the sun…
Where is she now?
Where is she now

And how is she?

Four winds unite to sing, to sigh:
We are,
We are One:
And so we are,

Yes so we are.

(…the time will come to end all wars, to heal the wounds, to call for Love, now…)

A rustling sound, a rush of wings, she flies,
She flies,

When she descends, the time has come
For Peace to rise,

Her time is Now:
She’s drawing near,
Let’s call for her,
And she’ll be here



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