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Help Amina & Her Family Escape the Crisis in Gaza

For International Woman’s Day and because it’s Amina’s Birthday today (March 8th) we invite you to support this GoFund me to help Amina and her family get out of Gaza and into safety.

Our friend Amina from Gaza is part of the Cathars global community of health workers, therapists, and healers. We are raising money to try to help her reach safety.

Amina is a sports trainer and yoga teacher in Gaza. Her daughter, Miriam, is just one year old and she is pregnant with her second child. Like everyone in Gaza, her life and the life of her child and unborn child are at risk from constant bombardment, famine and diseases and lack of any health care due to the systematic destruction of the healthcare system.

Some Palestinian passport holders have been able to leave Gaza through Rafah via coordination with an Egyptian tourism company. This coordination process currently costs between 6 and 7 thousand dollars. While each one of us, of course, is doing all we can to call for a permanent ceasefire, access to aid and the rebuilding of Gaza which is what Palestinains really need. In the meantime, we are trying to help whoever we can. So we are raising money to get Amina and her daughter and her unborn child to safety. If she makes it out, Amina will also need two months’ rent in Egypt. ” If Amina is unable to leave Gaza, the money raised will be donated to the Heal organization, an organization providing medical aid to people in Gaza, the Shawa family fund who supplies water to families in Gaza and to help cover Amina’s family’s basic needs.

“I’m a sports trainer and a yoga trainer. To improve my work and my future, I used to work on myself a lot. I would develop myself, take courses, and then in one moment, my life completely changed. There’s no safety, no work, no future. No safety for my daughter. I can’t get basic needs for her. There is not enough food, there are no diapers, no vitamins. There is no clean water. No fresh food at all. I am a pregnant woman, but there is no healthy food. Once in the last four months I was able to buy 2 apples for my daughter. There is no health care for me or my daughter, we are just thinking how to survive.”

The picture below shows the pile of rubble that used to be the house right next to Amina’s. The house was bombed with the people in it. Eleven people, including six children, aged 8 years to 2 months. All killed. Amina’s home was damaged in the bombing.

Help Amina and her family get out of Gaza.

Please help if you can by donating and or sharing this call.


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