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Come closer.

This fire will all too soon
be ash.

I would tell you the story the moth knows
for making peace with the night.

The story tears have for making medicine
out of grief.

The story for eliciting the purr
in the belly of the tiger.

If you listen to your blood
you can hear the story of the sea
pulled by the moon
in the open sky
pouring the water of rivers
into your heart.

You can hear the aria
of the wind that the birds
know by heart

singing the story of your body
a hundred generations
in the making.

Come closer:
This is the story that will be yours
long after I have left this place.


Beannacht / Blessing

Poem by

On the day when / the weight deadens / on your shoulders / and you stumble, / may the clay dance / to balance you

#72 Ancestral Songs

Podcast with

A conversation with South African seer, artist, multidimensional storyteller, & a transformative healing practitioner

Coltrane’s Spirituality & Philosophy of Music

Video with

John Coltrane is known as one of the most famous saxophone players in history, but he also had a fascinating life involving philosophical and spiritual pursuits. This video explores that aspect of his life.

Ballad For Someone Who Cares

Poem by

Poem/song from a participant named Sylvie from Roots Run Deep, Part II with Gabor Maté hosted by SAND in December 2023

Shadow and Light Source Both

Poem by

Only full overhead sun diminishes your shadow

If I Must Die

Poem by

The last poem written by the acclaimed writer, poet, and professor

I am you

Video with

NYC Vigil Honors Palestinian Poet Dr. Refaat Alareer

The Dry Salvages

Poem by

Music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all, but you are the music While the music lasts

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