From Fear to Trust

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Sabine answers Zaya's burning questions:
1. For someone of your generation and cultural background, you took a serious departure from mainstream German culture at a young age. Can you share a little bit about your life journey and how you ended up founding an alternative community? Where did your inspiration come from?
2. Can you introduce Tamera’s ethos and philosophy?
3. What were the biggest challenges on your journey and what have you learned about being in crisis?
4. You dedicated your life to building a community devoted to healing love and ending a culture of war. What are your reflections for this time? What is the wisdom of the community for these times?
5. You speak a lot about how we need to move to Trust. What is Trust and how can these times help us to move to trust?
7. Why do you believe that the role of Eros is critical in shifting planetary culture?
8. What is intimacy and what has our modern society misunderstood about intimacy?
9. How the might suppression of the Eros have led to the current polycrisis humanity is facing?
10. What is your healing love vision? How is healing our relationship to love and sexuality a political act?
11. How have the wisdom traditions addressed the liberation of Eros?
12. You have been part of initiating the Defend the Sacred Alliance. What does defending the sacred mean to you? What does sacred activism mean to you?
13. Do you see this as a moment of initiation? If so, to what? how do we prepare ourselves?

This talk is hosted by Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo.

Across Lines: Grief

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How do we catch people where they fall? How do we respond to this crisis in a way that doesn’t reinforce its architecture? What kind of politics is being summoned at this time?

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

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This video, filmed on location at the Onondaga Nation School in Onondaga Nation, focuses on the purpose and uses of the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address.

On the Trauma Embedded
in our Response to Israel and Beyond

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Trauma, I have come to learn, can be with a small "t" or a big one

#61 Roots Run Deep

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An audio version of the Roots Run Deep event from Nov 3

Letter to the Children of Gaza

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A letter from journalist Chris Hedges was shared with SAND via Dr

#58 On Extinction & Enchantment

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A conversation at the end of the world with the acclaimed activist, poet, musician, and artist.

When the freedom of the earth is everyone’s business

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A harrowing first hand account of environmental collapse in the heart of the Amazon

One Life, One Breath, One Mother

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Peace and justice exceed borders, blossoming through radical kinship

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